Fort Point Kiosk


Objective-C, web, JavaScript, mobile

In conjunction with the Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary website, I also built an interactive kiosk that lives on the ground floor of Fort Point. It originally played short documentary videos for each of the 16 artists that were commissioned for the anniversary celebration, but after the show, they wanted to reuse the kiosk. I was hired again to recreate the kiosk as an accessible way for people to experience the Fort.

The kiosk is composed of a Mac Mini, an iPad, and a LCD TV. The Mac Mini is running a web (Node.js) server, a Socket ( server, and a native Mac app that plays fullscreen video and connects to the Socket server.

The iPad is running a native app that wraps a Web view, which is served from the Mac Mini. The iPad app also makes a Socket connection to the Mac. Any interaction that happens on the iPad is sent to the Mac via the Socket. Users can browse and play back videos via the iPad.