Web development, iOS development, JavaScript application development, Node.js development

My name is Larry Lague, and I'm a San Francisco-based front end web and iOS developer. I mostly build websites, whether they're traditional multi-page sites or single page web apps. My language knowledge includes HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (browser and server-side), Objective-C, some Python, Java, and Bash. I have experience with many frameworks, including React, Angular, Node.js, Electron, jQuery, Modernizr, Underscore, Webpack, Grunt, Gulp and others.

I know my way around the command line and Linux, and can do basic configuration, automated testing, building and deployment.


I have over 10 years experience building websites and mobile applications. I have worked with many companies, including Uber, Apple, Nike, HUGE, AKQA, Chipotle, Symantec, Salesforce and National Parks Service.

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  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript: vanilla, React/Flux and Node
  • React
  • AngularJS
  • Bootstrap
  • Gulp
  • Webpack
  • NodejS
  • ExpressJS
  • Bash
  • Objective-C
  • iOS Development


You can download my resume as a PDF here.

I enjoy building beautiful user interfaces. I like translating visual designs into functional and intuitive interactions. I believe simple and usable interfaces enable people to work better. I bridge the gap between design and engineering. I enjoy exploring new technology. I enjoy writing JavaScript in browser and server varieties, especially React and Node. I'm good at JavaScript, React, Node.js, Bash, Python, PHP, MySQL and Unix-based operating systems.

I have developed sites for clients ranging from small sole proprietors to Fortune 500 brands. I focus on highly interactive and object-oriented full site development.

I work well on large teams, as well as independently. I have experience as a team lead, and can guide and mentor junior developers.


  • Senior Web Engineer, Uber Technologies. June 2014-present I'm presently a Senior Web Engineer at Uber where I work in JavaScript (React/Flux and Node) and Python. I co-founded the Driver Incentives team, which established a new payment model for drivers around the world. We took a fragmented system of driver payment methods from city teams and built a unified, intuitive payment and incentive platform. Our tool now processes 100% of driver payments around the world, and the team has grown to 20 engineers, project managers, designers and data scientists.
  • Freelance Web Developer, Larry Lague Consulting. October 2007-present As a freelance web developer, I have built sites and web apps for several large brands, including Discovery Networks, Restoration Hardware, Nike, Symantec, Pepsi, XBox, Clorox, Esurance, McDonalds and Sony. I have worked on my own, acting as Front and Back End Developer, as well as on large teams. A good amount of my work has been with advertising agencies, including DDB, Tribal DDB, McCann Erickson, Organic, AKQA and Method.
  • Web Developer, Apple, July 2012-January 2013 As a Front End Developer on Apple.com, I worked on building and maintaining the marketing parts of the site, including the home page and all product pages. I worked in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, using in-house development tools and coding patterns. I worked on a large team of engineers and managers to maintain the high quality Apple is known for.
  • Senior Engineer (freelance), AKQA Jan 2010-December 2010 AKQA is an interactive web design and development shop. Working as a freelance Web Engineer, I built sites in ActionScript, HTML/CSS/JavaScript and developed Silverlight content in C#. Clients included Xbox and Nike.
  • Co-Manager of Converge-SF. July 2011-present Converge-SF, San Francisco design and web technologies user group, is an active group of about 1,000 members whose interests range from coders and application developers to video artists and animators. We have monthly meetings on topics ranging from creative coding to inspirational design. As Co-Manager, I am responsible for giving introductions to speakers, organizing event space, mintaining a web presence, recruiting speakers and giving an occasional presentation.
  • Founder of WhtvrMe, March 2011-February 2012 Whtvrme was an experimental project between myself and two partners. We developed a native iOS app that was a simple way to keep track of plans among friends, and could handle push notifications, a chat messaging system, Facebook integration and full database mapping and synchronization.
  • Senior Front End Engineer, Tribal DDB. Jan 2005-October 2007 As a senior front-end engineer at Tribal DDB, I was responsible for building everything from banners to full websites. Clients included Clorox, Pine-Sol, Brita, SunPower, Kingsford Charcoal, Armor-All, and Glad. Worked in AS2/3, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS.
  • Web Developer, Yahoo!. Jan 2004-Jan 2005 As a Web Developer in the Ideas Group at Yahoo!, I was responsible for building banners and mini-sites for several Yahoo! entities, including Finance, Jobs, Shopping and Sports. Worked in AS2, HTML, CSS.
  • Senior Web Developer, Doug Menuez Photography. Jan 2003-Jan 2004 Responsible for hand coding and maintaining the web presence for Doug Menuez. Handled archiving thousands of film-based slides to digital, and creating an indexed database.


  • Bachelor's Degree, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Double Major in Business Administration and Fine Arts. Graduated Cum Laude.
  • UCLA Extension certificate in web development and programming